Whether your digging a hole in the yard, or shoveling out your driveway, it’s important to use the proper shoveling technique. Unfortunately shoveling is the reported cause of thousands of injuries each year. That’s why Bosse Tools has created a line of shovels that are designed to intuitively promote proper shoveling technique. We offer three great shovels: the round point, the flat head, and the snow. Our ergonomic shovels are ideal for gardening, landscaping, and snow removal. No matter what task you need a shovel for; using the right tool is essential to saving energy and preventing injury.

Our Ergonomic Design Makes Apply the Proper Shoveling Technique Easy

The ergonomic design of a Bosse Tools shovel makes using the proper shoveling technique easier. Each one of our shovels has a 360-degree center handle that locks into 16 different positions, making handling easier for any shoveling task. This simple, yet innovative design changes everything about the way shoveling is approached. By using our shovel, you will automatically notice that the better handling makes lifting easier, distributing the weight evenly with each scoop. You will also notice with both hands gripping the shovel in the proper places that your posture is better and more upright. This ultimately reduces strain on your lower back while

A Proper Shoveling Technique will Reduce the Risk of Injury

When it comes to snow removal, the proper shoveling technique is vital to safety. Every year, an estimated average of 11,500 Americans report back, head, bone, and heart injuries due to shoveling snow. The Bosse Tools snow shovel is perfect for those looking for a smarter way to maintain their driveways, walkways, etc., when the icy, snowy winter months hit. Our shovels are designed to reduce strain on the back and body, giving our users more energy to shovel efficiently and in better time that others using different shovels.

We Met the Need for a Shovel that Promotes the Proper Shoveling Technique

Here at Bosse Tools, we saw the need for better shovels, designed to help users intuitively mind proper shoveling techniques. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, and avid gardener, or the snow-shoveling ninja in your household, we have the right shovel to help you get the job done safely and more efficiently. If you’re concerned about using the proper shoveling technique, all you need is a Bosse Tools shovel- order yours today!