About the exhibition

We invite you to a unique event – Arizona Green Yard: The Hand Tool Show!

Event Description

“Arizona’s Green Yard” is a mesmerizing hand tool show that will bring together gardening enthusiasts, professional agronomists and anyone who is passionate about the world of vegetable gardens and orchards.

Dates and venue:

The event will be held August 25-27, 2023 at the Arizona Convention and Exhibition Center in the heart of Arizona.

What to expect at the show

Wide range of tools

Hundreds of unique hand tools for the garden and orchard will be on display. From traditional hand shovels and rakes to modern gardening technology, you’ll find everything you need for successful gardening.

Hands-on workshops

Visitors will be able to take part in practical master classes run by experienced gardeners and garden tool experts. You will be able to learn how to use tools correctly and learn many useful tips and tricks.

Partner stands

Come to the stands of the best manufacturers of garden tools and equipment. Here you will be able to get acquainted with the market novelties, get advice from experts and buy quality tools at favorable prices.

Interactive demonstrations

During the exhibition there will be interesting demonstrations of the use of various tools. You will be able to see them in action and compare their performance.

Why you should visit the exhibition

“Arizona Green Yard: Hand Tool Show” is a unique opportunity for all gardening enthusiasts to learn about the latest innovations in the world of gardening tools. You can gain valuable experience from industry experts, update your inventory and find everything you need to create beautiful and well-maintained gardens.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting event! Come to the Arizona Green Yard: Hand Tool Show and make your garden even more impressive!

Arizona Green Yard: Hand Tool Show Program

Hand tools for the vegetable garden and garden are the magic key to creating beautiful and well-maintained green corners where nature blooms in all its glory.

Gardening in Harsh Environments: The Art and Creativity of Gardening in Arizona

Gardening and horticulture in the state of Arizona presents unique challenges and opportunities due to the climate, soil, and characteristics of this desert region. The state of Arizona is located in an arid and hot climate zone, which means that gardeners and horticulturists must be creative and utilize specific techniques to successfully grow plants and maintain vegetable gardens.

Arid climate

A major challenge for gardeners is limited rainfall and high temperatures, especially during the summer months. Therefore, it is important to properly plan watering and choose plants that are well adapted to drought conditions.

Plant selection

When selecting plants for gardening in Arizona, it is recommended to favor xerophytes (plants adapted to drought), cacti and succulents that tolerate heat well and do not require frequent watering.

Soil and drainage

Arizona soil can be sandy and heavily drained, which can make it difficult to retain moisture. Using fertilizers and materials to improve drainage becomes an important aspect of garden and orchard care.

Watering and water conservation

Efficient watering is the foundation of successful gardening in Arizona. Many gardeners choose to use the drip irrigation method to minimize water loss.

Winter vegetable garden

A winter vegetable garden is feasible in Arizona, which allows you to grow vegetables and herbs throughout the year due to the milder climate in the winter.

Natural Landscaping: In many areas of Arizona, gardeners choose to utilize the natural elements of the surrounding landscape to create unique garden arrangements that blend with the natural beauty of the region.

Gardening and horticulture in Arizona requires a special approach and creativity, but it makes it a fun and rewarding activity to enjoy the green beauty and fruits of nature in this unique desert region.