Thank You Kickstarter

We couldn’t have done it without you...

To all 483 people who supported my Kickstarter campaign in 2013, I owe you great thanks and appreciation for your support. Before my campaign started, all I had was an idea - an idea to disrupt the design of the current shovel. After a month of campaigning, I realized that Bosse Tools is a whole lot more than that. Bosse Tools is a company built by the support of a dedicated group of people - a group of people who believed that a few wooden prototypes could turn into something revolutionary.

In early September of 2013, only a handful of people even knew what a "two-handed shovel" was, but by all 483 of you pitching in your support and donations while helping me spread my message, this shovel has been seen across the globe and sparks interest from users worldwide. Today, Bosse Tools has the opportunity to reshape an industry that has a desperate need for innovation. However, the only reason we have this opportunity is because of your support and dedication.

With this said, thank you to every single person who supported my campaign or simply shared it with others. I must specially thank the biggest supporters of my campaign: Carol Robbins, Chris Walden, Matthew Adams, Chip Hailey, John Wintersteen, Brenda Baldacci, Mitch Hudak, Mike Jesberger, Tony Robusto, Janice Boyko, and Bobby Banahan. Without any single one of my supporters, I would not have been able to pursue my passion. This opportunity has allowed me to follow a dream and make it a reality.

If your shipping address has changed, please send an email to with your new information.

Stephen Walden