01. Ergonomics (from the Greek word ergon meaning work, and nomoi meaning natural laws), is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Human characteristics, such as height, weight, and proportions are considered, as well as information about human hearing, sight, temperature preferences, and so on.

02. Designing machines, tools, and work environments to best accommodate human performance and behavior. It aims to improve the practicality, efficiency, and safety of a person working with a single machine or device.

walking man with shovel

Extended Range of Motion

The unique configuration of a Bosse Tool handle enables a greater
range of motion than traditional handles, extending functional use
through your entire wingspan.

Improved Work Posture

Using a Bosse handle enables you to be more upright allowing for longer work periods and more energy applied directly to the job, ultimately reducing stress on the your lower back.

shovel handle
black and white photo of a man with a shovel

Task Specific Rotating Center Handle

The Bosse center grip with rotating and locking handle easily
accommodates for different applications, making for a more
functional and comfortable experience.