Inventor Builds New Snow Shovel - AZ Republic

"A Valley entrepreneur has invented something that could make a big difference in helping the snow-drenched Eastern seaboard dig out from a future wrath of winter."

Manhanttan Beach Man, 24, Comes Up With New Twist On Old Tool - CBS K Cal 9

" A 24-year-old Manhattan Beach man has come up with a new twist on a very old tool."

Kickstarting: A Revolutionary Shovel Design That Won't Break Your Back - Fast Company Design

" with a literal twist on the design of the common shovel that he hopes will revolutionize the science of shoveling."

10 Best Things From February - Popular Science

"A second rotating handle provides better leverage, taking stress off the wrists and back"

Tool maker seeks funding - USA Today

"Walden, 24, is a recent graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He previously won $20,000 in business competitions to develop his concept."

LMU's Business Incubator Turns Out Winning Entrepreneurs - Wall Street Journal

" Stephen Walden was digging in his parents' garden when the pain in his back ignited a spark of inspiration -- a design for a new ergonomic shovel."

Rethinking the Humble Shovel - AEC Business

" You’d think that centuries-old tools would be perfected by now. However, there are inventors and designers who are able to improve or make radical changes to familiar implements."

21st Century Shovel Project Ending Soon! - Ag Wired

" What we have done at Bosse Tools is unique. We took conventional tools like shovels, rakes, pitchforks, etc. and transformed them into ergonomically efficient implements that allow you to get more work done in less times, safely. The end goal is to diminish workplace injury."

Wish List: Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovel - Apocalypse Equipped

"This plastic molded and fitted ring features a geared and locking system for rotating and adjusting the hand-hold, to maximize the ergonomics, customization and efficiency of your grip and use of the shovel, as Stephen puts it you can do your job in one single motion - dig, scoop, and pitch - all in one"

Technology: Bosse Tools - Bless This Stuff

"The double handle design works with you to promote proper body mechanics, with the central handle maximizing central lifting power of the body’s strongest muscles."

You'll Want to Back These 4 Innovative Kickstarter Projects - Business Bee

"Using groundbreaking design, Bosse Tools has effectively reinvented one of the world’s oldest tools: the shovel."

Digging Holes Just Got a Bit Easier With This Nex-gen Shovel from Bosse Tools - Charles and Hudson

"Digging holes just got a bit easier with this nex-gen shovel from Bosse Tools."

Interview: Stephen Walden USA - CNC Kingdom

"the need for this is SO OBVIOUS yet nobody ever thought of it!"

Work Like Bosse: Interview with Bosse Tools Founder and Young Entrpreneur Stephen Walden - Collegiate Entrepreneur Org.

"Outdoor work is the real back-breaking labor that you dread doing, and Bosse Tools is now making this easier."

Throw It In the Bag: The Best Design Item - Complex Art & Design

"If you've ever used a shovel then your body is rejoicing at the sight of this redesigned model from Bosse Tools. "

Shovel Ready - Concrete Construction

" There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in shovels for, say, a few centuries—until now."

Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovel - Cool Pile

"The shovel is one of those tools that was not really touched by all the technical advancements from the past century. Well, that was until now!"

Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovel - Cool Things

" Bosse Tools recreates the shovel by injecting it with a more ergonomic design."

Young Ergonomic Shovel Inventor Planning to Manufacture Tools - Kickstarter - Daily Paul

"Patriotic Young Phoenix-Born Entrepreneur Plans to Manufacture His New Inventions in America"

Ease Your Back Pain With an Ergonomically -Designed Shovel - Dornob Design

"Bosse’s shovels allow the user to assume a more natural and comfortable hand position while eliminating the need to bend over too far."

Bosse Ergonomic Shovels - Dude I Want That

"Bosse Tools creator Stephen Walden has designed a set of shovels he hopes will make tasks requiring intense physical labor feel less like intense physical wear, grinding, and pain."

Bosse Tools - Engineer v. Designer

"a new tool company that has redesigned the traditional shovel as we know it"

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools - Gadget Review

"Bosse Tools wants to provide you with ergonomic tools and their 21st Century Shovel has been reinvented to make it easier to use."

Bosse tools - Gear Culture

"They'll make a Hulk out of you out in the garden."

Bosse Ergonomic Shovel - Gear Hungry

" The shovel as we know it remains largely unchanged for upwards of a century, resulting in inefficient follow through and propensity for injury. Bosse Tools aims to shake up convention with their Ergonomic Shovel."

Ergonomic Shovel Features a Rotating Middle Handle - Gizmag

" When it comes to defining what technology is, you may have heard people say Heck, even the shovel is an example of technology. That may be true, but it's also an example of technology that has hasn't changed much in a long time."

This Invention Could Revolutionize the Way You Shovel - Hella Wella

"Even the fittest of us can suffer from back pain after shoveling snow that has caked our driveways and stairs. Well, one inventor is pretty close to giving your aching muscles a bit of relief this winter."

Making the Old New - An Ergonomic Shovel - Herd Surf

"The shovel is used to improve posture, reduce back strain, relieve wrist pain, and minimize shoulder industry. Surprisingly, these are all the elements we are exposed to when shoveling."

Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools - Hi Consumption

" Product designer Stephen Walden is looking to change the way people get their digging projects done with his ergonomic line of Bosse Tools shovels."

Introducing Bosse tools- Ergonomically Better by Design - Hobby Farms

"I also happen to love the spirit and enthusiasm that goes into creating a new product and company such as Bosse Tools. The entrepreneurial spirit continues!"

Protecting Our Nation's Workers: Ergonomics Outside the Office - Huffington Post

" Whether it's ergonomic trainings, midday yoga classes, or simply the proper tools, our nation's manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries can benefit substantially by instituting [ergonomic] policies. A healthy workspace shouldn't be constrained to the office any longer."

Stephen Walden- CEO of Bosse Tools - Idea Mensch

"What we have done at Bosse Tools is unique. We took conventional tools like shovels, rakes, pitchforks, etc. and transformed them into ergonomically efficient implements that allow you to get more work done in less times, safely. The end goal is to diminish workplace injury."

Need This New Innovation? An Ergonomic Shovel - Inventor Spot

"The strain of shoveling with a standard shovel can leave you with aching muscles in your arms, legs, neck, and back. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, one man, Stephen Walden, plans to change all of this with his Ergonomic Shovel. - See more at:"

LMU Business Incubator Turns Out Winning Entrepreneurs - LMU College of Business

" A graduate student at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration, Walden has turned that idea into Bosse Tools, a start-up company with a future."

12 Burning Questions with the LMU alumnus who reinvented the Shovel - LMU Loyolan

"We basically re-engineer traditional hardware tools by integrating ergonomics into tools like shovels and rakes and pitchforks and other products that haven’t seen any innovations for forever."

New and Improved: Today's Household Shovel - LMU Magazine

" Stephen Walden ’12, M.B.A. ’13 put a new twist on a tool that humans have used for thousands of years"

Bosse Tools - Materialicious

"A rotating center handle allows for a customized hand position for any job or task. Adjusting the tool to you is what gives you the benefit of ergonomic efficiencies."

Building a Business from the Ground Up - North Central News

"People instantly get what Walden is doing. His shovel has a rotating ring in the mid-point of the handle and a slot to place your foot at the head of"

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools - Phoenix News

"features also allow the user more force when operating."

Student Entrpreneur Reinvents Shovel, Adding Ergonomic Benefits - Small Business Wire

"The integrated rotating grip in the handle of a Bosse Tools shovel helps to reduce wrist pronation during use, which may help reduce injuries."

Bosse Tools, Ergonomic Hand Tools - Studio Clues

" It’s rare to such forward thinking innovation in the outdoor hand tool category, but Bosse Tools brings it."

Bosse Tools Ergonomic Shovel - The Awesomer

"The center handle rotates 360º and is easily adjustable. Available as a spade, flat head or snow shovel."

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools - The Gadget Flow

"Bosse Tools wants to provide you with ergonomic tools and their 21st Century Shovel has been reinvented to make it easier to use."

Ergonomic Shovel - This is Why I'm Broke

" You can’t reinvent the wheel, but you can redesign the shovel as seen with the ergonomic shovel. This revolutionary shovel design was built with proper body mechanics in mind, so you can shovel easier and suffer less back pain afterwards."

SDSU Competition's Real-World Theme: Do A Lot With Little Money - University Times San Diego

"The top three “elevator pitch” teams advanced to “Tiger Tank,” for which they made 10-minute presentations. That winner as well as first place overall was Bosse Tools, started by Stephen Walden, a first year MBA student at Loyola Marymount University. "

ASU Startup Partners with College of Health Solutions to Put Its Product to the Test - ASU News

"I think the take-home message was that when the participants used the Bosse shovel, there was substantially less muscle activity (in) the lower back - Professor Harper said."

County Venture Fund Lifts Tool-Maker with $200k - Phoenix Business Journal

"They have their commercial product ready to go, and with an infusion of some capital they're able to start selling and growing."

Venture Funds Invest in ASU Startup - ASU News

"Successful SkySong-based startup Bosse Tools has received a major investment of $200,000 from the Maricopa County Manufacturing Venture Fund to ramp up production of its line of ergonomically designed tools."

Bosse Tools Receives $200k to Build Its Production - AZ Tech Beat

"Unlike other shovels that offset the wrists and hands, Bosse shovels use ergonomic technology to keep the user’s body in a neutral position in order evenly distribute the weight and reduce possible injuries."

Shovels, Hearts, and Ebooks Among Finalists for Governor's Innovation Award for Startup of the Year in Arizona - AZ Tech Beat

"Bosse Tools is nominated for Startup Innovator of the Year in Arizona"

Tool Roundup: 20 Great-Made tools - Garage Cabinets

"You don’t normally imagine startup companies getting into the shovel business. And you certainly wouldn’t imagine such a company would raise its first funding on Kickstarter."