How To Prevent Injury Shoveling

How To Prevent Injury Shoveling

If you’re wondering how to prevent injury shoveling, Bosse Tools has the perfect solution for you. There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh blanket of new fallen snow covering your yard and trees… that is until you have to go outside and shovel. Did you know an average of 11,500 Americans are treated for injuries that occurred while shoveling each year? The most common snow injuries are bad backs, head injuries, broken bones, and dangerous heart problems. Because we know snow shoveling can’t be avoided, it’s important to face the task with caution and the right snow shovel.

How To Prevent Injury Shoveling? Use an Ergonomic Shovel from Bosse Tools

Using the right snow shovel is an essential part of how to prevent injury shoveling. Bosse Tools has created a durable shovel with ergonomic design that promotes proper handling, hand alignment, and good posture. The 360-degree center handle locks into 16 different positions ensuring that you can easily adjust gripping position for maximum handling. Our center handle design provides the user with better hand alignment, which creates an even distribution of the weight of the snow in each scoop. Lastly, the easy to grasp handles create the ability to stand more upright, preventing lower back injuries, and providing the user with more energy.

Want to Know How to Prevent Injury Shoveling? Bosse Tools Has the Solution

If you’re wondering how to prevent injury shoveling, the answer is simple. By using the right tool that promotes proper technique simply by the way it is designed. A Bosse Tools shovel is made with the best materials, like the die cast aluminum center handle, 1.25” fiber glass shaft, polypropylene shovelhead, and an over-molded ASA plastic grip. The efficiency created by this shovel over other ergonomic brands is undeniable the best. Preventing injury while shoveling starts with the right tool and how it is handled. Fortunately for our users, the Bosse Tools snow shovel is intuitive, and designed for better usability simply by using it.

A Bosse Tools Shovel is How to Prevent Injury Shoveling

Don’t wait for the next snowstorm to hit. Get your ergonomic snow shovel from Bosse Tools today! We’re dedicated to creating tools that prevent injury and promote efficiency. We’ve created a suite of shovels for landscaping, gardening, and snow removal that are designed to help users save energy and avoid unnecessary injury. Stop researching how to prevent injury shoveling and order the solution right here, right now!

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