Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can you share what Bosse Tools is?

A- Bosse Tools is an ergonomic hardware tool company. We are working hard to combine traditional hardware tools and ergonomics – the idea is to reduce the amount of injury in the workplace, whether it be on a construction site, farm, or in your own backyard. Simply put, hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured from using traditional tools, like shovels, every year. At Bosse tools, we decided that we can create a solution to this problem, and that’s why it is our goal to reinvent these tools that have been the same for many decades.


Q- What makes a shovel ergonomic?

A- An ergonomic tool allows your body to take more natural positions while working. You tend to pronate your wrists when you use a regular shovel. If you are right-handed, your right hand would pronate out with your palm down and your left hand would pronate in with your palm up. But an ergonomic shovel removes the pronation and puts your hands back in a natural position. Additionally, a lot of ergonomic principles lie in posture. Traditional shovels force your shoulders out of alignment, thus, putting strain on your back one direction or the other. By allowing you to hold the tool properly, your shoulders stay aligned, and as a result, your posture is vastly improved.


Q- I’ve seen other ergonomic products at the store, how is this any different?

A: The difference comes in the handles that are perpendicular to the shaft of the tool. The current “ergonomic” tools simply change the angle of the shaft, but they leave your hands and wrists in the same pronated position, leaving you susceptible to injury. This also does nothing to alleviate back and shoulder injury, whereas our tools actually turn your body to be in line with the digging motion. The current tools may make a slight difference, but the Bosse Tools products actually align your body with your digging motions so that you are not working against yourself.


Q- Explain the "Revolutionary Rotating Center Handle"

A- The center handle rotates, allowing you to customize your hand position for any job or task. Imagine shoveling snow out of a driveway or filling a wheelbarrow with dirt. By angling the handle towards the place where you will pitch the snow or dirt, you can do your job in one single motion - dig, scoop, and pitch - all in one.


Q- What materials are used to make the products?

A: Bosse Tools are made from only the best materials we could get our hands on. The shovel is made up of high-density, high-impact, UV resistant ASA plastic, airplane-grade aluminum, high-quality steel, fiberglass and over-molded grips.


Q- What is ASA plastic?

A- Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) is a specific type of plastic that has great toughness and rigidity. It has outstanding resistance to weather and aging. This material is high impact and used both indoors and outdoors.


Q- What is an over-molded handle?

A- Overmolds are used to ensure that the different materials are molded together properly, on top of or around another material. Overmolds are used on the handle to provide the user with an extra layer of comfort and grip for them to utilize the tools properly and provide shock resistance. They provide both an aesthetic appeal as well as functional benefit.


Q- Tell me about the shovel heads?

A- Shovel heads used on our products are made from a 16-gage, tempered steel with a pristine- finished look with a coat of lacquer to prevent rusting for the round-pointed and square-pointed shovels. Snow/scoop shovels will be made of impact resistant plastic that can be utilized in any weather conditions.


Q- Do you have any ideas for future products?

A- Yes, the future at Bosse Tools is bright! We have many future innovations already in the works and the possibilities for future products or innovations are endless. Stay tuned to Bosse Tools to get the latest information on current and new products