Best Shovel

Best Shovel

The best shovel for a variety of outdoor tasks can be found right here at Bosse Tools. Whether you’re looking for a solid shovel for snow removal, or for digging and garden work, we have a tool that is right for you. So how did we come about creating the best shovel in the world for your lawn or garden? Our story began not too long ago when our founder, Stephen Walden, was doing yard work for his parents. Tired and achy from using the same old shovel, Stephen, had a light bulb moment: A center handle would make control much easier. From there, our lightweight, ergonomic unique shovel design was born.

What Makes Our Shovel The Best Shovel Available

Whether digging a hole in the garden, raking the yard, or shoveling your driveway, we have the perfect shovels for all of your outdoor needs. Our shovels are designed to help improve physical performance, and eliminate injuries from the hard garden work, landscaping, clearing out snow, and much more. The design of our shovel allows for a greater range of motion than other shovels, adding a larger span of control throughout the body. The rotating piece locks into 16 different positions, making it ideal for any project, anywhere. That is why an ergonomic shovel from our company is one of the best shovels available, both for moving around soil, and clearing out snow and ice in the winter.

The Best Shovel Is A Bosse Tools Shovel

Regardless of whether you need a shovel for work in the garden, snow removal, landscaping jobs, heavy lifting, and more, we have an option that is right for you. We offer three different kinds of highly rated shovels, which are:

  • The Round Point Shovel
  • The Flat Head Shovel
  • The Snow Shovel

It is true, our shovels can make all the difference when it comes to health, safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction. On our shovels, the rotating center-handle turns 360 degrees to adjust for different projects while keeping the back straight, allowing for the user to harness more power naturally.

See Why People Think Our Shovel Is The Best Shovel

If you are looking for the best shovel, look no further than the great products that we have to offer. Still don’t believe us? Well do not take our word for it, see what Scott Friedman, the CEO of Green Thumb Landscaping in Oregon has to say:

"If I can minimize fatigue, we can produce more work in the day. We find shoveling bark and soil is the most fatiguing acts in landscaping. The ergonomic grip lets you remain more upright and gain the needed leverage with its unique design. With traditional handles, the leverage is attained by gripping further down and the operators back is rounded."

Choose The Best Shovel In The World Today

See for yourself why construction and landscaping business owners are so interested in the shovels that we offer. If you are on the hunt for the best shovel, buy yours direct from the Bosse Tools store today!

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