You are the DIY master. No need to bring in unnecessary teams to accomplish what you know you can do better. We salute you! So if you’re looking to work a little magic on the backyard this summer, let’s get the ideas churning. Here are 5 DIY Pinterest projects you can knock out with our ergonomic shovel line

1- Submerged Fire Pit 


There are a lot of awesome ways to build a fire pit, but nothing compares to a submerged one. Depending on how you construct it, a submerged fire pit can be even easier than building a vertical one. But, we know you aren’t afraid of extra work. What we love is how unique this design can be. Especially when you capitalize on the ability to design outward, this once simple element can become a canvas for creativity. 

And, if you get super crafty, do a combo design


2- Underground Greenhouse

If you’ve got land, a green thumb, limited budget and a desire to garden all year, the Walipini is about to revolutionize the way you garden. A Walipini (the Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth”) is an underground greenhouse that harnesses enough of the sun’s energy to keep your veggies green and fruitful all year. 

This is by far the best solution we’ve seen for extending the gardening season all year. Just imagine the possibilities if you incorporated vertical garden elements!  

3- Sunken Trampoline 

Obviously we are big fans of things in the ground. But, this one also has huge safety implications. Nothing is more terrifying than watching a little one bounce right off of the trampoline with an added 5 feet to drop. With a sunken trampoline, that exit is nothing more than softly walking onto the grass. 

For the aesthetic enthusiasts, you’re in luck! The sunken trampoline is about to rock your world. First, you remove a bit of an eyesore from the yard. A trampoline is an awesome adventure toy for all ages—because who doesn’t want to jump on it? But, it doesn’t do a lot for the backyard feng shui. Now it’s completely removed from your line of sight.  

Second, no more spotty dead patches of grass throughout the yard. While you may always mean to move the tramp around throughout the month, it doesn’t happen. That sun deprived yellow grass isn’t doing a lot to complement your pansies. 

4- Natural Swimming Pool 


It’s not uncommon for people to have ponds in their backyard. It’s a great way to add character. But, how cool would it be to build a natural swimming pool? It serves a similar purpose in your yard as far as aesthetics, but the functionality of being able to use the swimming pool trumps a pond any day of the week. And, twice on hot days. 

If you want to go all out on incorporating a swimming pool/pond as a focal point for your property, check out how this father son team went above and beyond

5- Backyard Escape 

If you are looking to redefine the landscape of your yard, the best way is to start looking at space differently. Explore options that go below the surface. This changes the entire dynamic of your yard. It’s no longer a flat and semi boring space.  All of a sudden becomes a new oasis beckoning exploration. 

Here are a few examples of people who pushed the boundaries of what a flat yard could achieve. 

From Decoist: 


From Filmscapes: 

From Home Design TC: 



The possibilities are endless in the DIY world. All you need is a little inspiration, elbow grease and motivation to turn your back yard into a picturesque escape.   

For all those projects, big and small, check out the complete Bosse Ergonomic Shovel Line. These shovels were designed to complement the human form. They give you the ability to dig faster, complete more in a day and prevent against injuries.

For more DIY inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.