With spring slowly creeping in, it’s time to get back into gardening mode. We already have visions of radishes, strawberries and plums dancing in our heads.

In case it’s been a long winter, we decided to remind you of the top benefits of gardening.

1- Ease Stress 

Feeling a little stressed lately? Well it’s time to pick up a shovel (preferably an ergonomic Bosse one) and hit the yard. Regardless of how much you dig, several components of gardening help to wash away the stress. 


You gotta love increasing serotonin. This little chemical is known for boosting your mood. And, sunlight just happens to be known for increasing serotonin in the brain. 

Fresh Air

Getting out of stuffy offices can be an instant energy booster. Not only an energizer, getting enough oxygen can also help you sleep better at night. 

Focus & Meditation

There are many elements of gardening that are methodical. By focusing on removing weeds or trimming, your mind takes a moment to forget your problems and relax. 

2- Healthy Eats  

Once your garden gets into full swing, it’s hard to not eat healthy. Bell peppers will start showing up in breakfasts, lunches will feature home grown salads and dinners will start showcasing six different ways you can cook zucchini.

By the way, zucchini can be steamed, stuffed, baked and turned into bread. Just in case you find yourself in need of a way to get rid of excess zucchini.

And, if you plant a few crazy producers, like spaghetti squash, even your neighbors will be eating healthy!

The best news is that this is the most scrumptious way to have vegetables. Few things compare to the burst of flavor when you pick a cherry tomato right out of the garden. Or, the bright orange carrots straight from the ground. In fact, everything tastes better fresh. 

3- Boost Brain Power & Fight Alzheimer’s

We’re not going to lie, this was a surprise! A welcome one. But, the science is there: adults who garden see a 36% risk reduction for Alzheimer’s. No one can really explain the full mystery behind this disease or the relationship with gardening. But experts have speculated that it’s because gardening uses so many critical functions. In a half-hour gardening session, you could be utilizing your solving problems skills, learning, dexterity and sensory awareness.

All of those are positive brain exercises.

So if you are looking to spur a little extra brainpower, it’s time to turn to Mother Nature and test out that green thumb of yours.

4- Exercise

Regardless if you are tending to a patio garden or trying to outperform a local farmer, gardening gets you moving. Especially if you have a medium to large sized garden, maintaining the garden gets your heart pumping. Digging, planting and weeding are great ways to get some exercise.

*Be careful not to overstrain or hurt yourself. Look to adopt ergonomic practices to maximize health rewards of gardening.

5- More Money in the Bank 

Eating healthy is known for a lot of things (losing weight, reducing blood pressure, boosting energy) but rarely “cheap eats.”

Unless you can grow it yourself!

Growing your own produce provides scrumptious fruits and veggies for a fraction of the cost. Bags of seeds start off under $2. Starter plants are typically under $5 and while they might start off small, they do create a big impact.

Something as small as a windowsill garden can produce more than you think. Consider a producer like spinach, lettuce or tomatoes for smaller spaces. Add an herb like basil, and you can enjoy Caprese Salads all summer. Throw a Garden Tower into the mix, and the possibilities are endless!


Hopefully you are inspired to take up gardening this summer. This is only a small list of the benefits of gardening.

Here at Bosse, we wanted to make enjoyable activities like gardening more rewarding. That is why we designed a complete line of ergonomic shovels. By focusing on a design that complements human form you can reduce injury and increase productivity.