As the leaves are done falling and the snow begins to fall, you know that winter is here. Make sure you are prepared for this winter with these 4 preparedness measures:

Create a Car Emergency Kit

While you should always have an emergency kit in your car, in the winter it is essential. Here are the core items it should include: 

  • Shovel
  • Windshield Scrapper & Brush
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • Food (such as power bars) & Water
  • Warm Clothes (extra socks, hats and mittens) & Blankets
  • Tow Chain or Rope
  • Road Salt or Sand
  • Jumper Cables
  • Flashlight + Batteries
  • First Aid Kit

Car Maintenance

While your car may run great throughout the summer, as the colder temperatures set in and the days shorten, you don’t want to run into problems.

Here are the key areas to check when preparing your car for winter:

  • Check batteries, lights and brakes
  • Top off antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, gas, oil and other fluids
  • Replace worn out wiper blades, or keep spares in the vehicle
  • Evaluate tire condition and consider snow tires

Stock Up on Supplies

Like the heat wave in the summer when the fans disappeared from the store, you don’t want to be caught behind the eight ball. Stock up on the winter essentials before the big storm hits.

The main two items you need to have in your garage are rock salt and a reliable snow shovel. To save your back from unnecessary strain and prevent injury, consider an ergonomic snow shovel.

Retain Heat & Save Energy in the House

As the cold sets in, make sure that your house retains heat and doesn’t waste energy due to inefficiencies. Simple adjustments could save a lot of energy costs come winter. Any problems you run into are likely to be cheaper to fix during the fall as well.

Take some time to:

  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Reverse ceiling fans to push warm air down
  • Tune up your heating system
  • Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles
  • Clean the gutters to prevent ice dams


As snow continues to fall, make sure it is a magical time by being prepared. The last thing you want to do this winter is to be caught off guard. These 4 steps will have you breathing easier knowing you can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

And if you are looking for more ways to make winter easier this year, check out our ergonomic shovel. This innovative design was created to maximize your efforts while limiting muscle strain.