Tis’ the season for snow. And with that comes hours of snow removal. If a snow blower doesn’t make sense for your budget or the size of your driveway, you will need a good snow shovel!

Here are the top 5 considerations when picking out your next snow shovel:

Ergonomic Design

Basic shovels in every hardware store don’t support ergonomic designs. This is surprising since shovels have been around for centuries. But ergonomic design is one of the main characteristics you should look for in any shovel, especially a snow shovel.

Shoveling is a very intense. And like going to the gym, you should be focused on not overextending muscles and maintaining good posture. Not doing so could result in injury. US Emergency Rooms see an average of 11,500 injuries each year for snow removal related issues.

A good ergonomic design will reduce the strain on your back and encourage correct posture.


Snow varies in weight from 7 lbs. to 30 lbs. per cubic foot. One shovelful can range between 3 lbs. to 8 lbs. You want to make sure to choose an appropriately weighted shovel that is not too flimsy or too heavy and adding extra weight to your load. Choose a perfectly weighted shovel like the Bosse Snow Shovel at 5.5 lbs.


When you invest in a snow shovel, you should be confident that it will serve you for many winters to come. Choose an option that blends quality material in a lightweight design. To get quality without the excess weight, look for shafts made out of fiberglass.

Ease of Use

Two main factors go into the usability of a shovel: length and handle type. Your shovel should come to about chest height to limit bending, easing back strain. The handle needs to support your wrist. Avoid handles that force awkward wrist positions. The strongest handle type is the “D” shape.

Scoop Size

At the end of the day, you need to get the job done. The driveway needs to be cleared before you go to work. Your sidewalks need be cleared before the melting begins and the snow freezes. And you need to get on with your day. Pick a shovel that will give you the ability to shovel efficiently.


If you are looking for the perfect shovel to tackle another winter season, check out our ergonomically designed snow shovel. Weighing in at 5.5 lbs with dual handles to maximize strength without over-extending muscles, you will get more done with less effort this year. And since the materials are top notch, including a fiberglass shaft and Polypropylene shovelhead, you can be confident you will have it for years to come.