Did you know that over 11,500 people go to the hospital or emergency room every year for issues related to shoveling snow?

Astonishing, we know. But when you think about the effort needed to move dense snow combined with the inadequate standard design of a snow shovel, it’s not quite as surprising.

The Wall Street Journal cited a study indicating that, “More than half of injuries [from snow shoveling] resulted from acute musculoskeletal exertion.” The article continued to say, “most shovels contribute to injuries because of their non-ergonomic design, which hasn't changed in over a century.”

It makes sense. The old snow shovel design lacked handgrips, wasn’t long enough and the design over emphasized straining your back. Not to mention steel shovels were incredibly heavy, adding to the burden of fatigued muscles. 

Add that to the fact that snow is heavy and we’re lucky we didn’t see more injuries in the hospital last year! 

Which is why if you are facing a long winter with continual snowfall, you should consider adding an ergonomic snow shovel to your arsenal.

An Ergonomic Design

At Bosse Tools, we decided to approach designing a snow shovel with humans in mind. Because we wanted to make this necessary task easy for everyone, as well as prevent unnecessary injuries.

Ergonomic ShovelThe Grip


While many snow shovels don’t even have a handle, we have two! Not only do you ditch the wrist pain through better positioning, the second handle gives you important leverage and promotes good posture, protecting your back.

Revolutionary Rotating Center Handle

Take control of what ergonomic design means to your individual needs! With our custom rotating center handle, you can angle the handle in a manner that works best for you.


Snow is heavy enough, your shovel shouldn’t add to the burden. By using fiberglass, we maintained the strength of the shovel without any unnecessary weight. Combine the lightweight materials with the ergonomic design, and you can beat muscle ache this winter.


So when you head out to tackle the army of snow taking over your driveway this winter, don’t be one of the thousands suffering from consistent back pain and unnecessary muscle strain. Know that you have a tool that was designed to protect you, and make the task of shoveling snow easier. An ergonomic Bosse Snow Shovel.