(LOS ANGELES) A 24-year-old California entrepreneur has met nearly thirty percent of his fundraising goal on Kickstarter.com in just the first week of his 45-day campaign on the crowd funding site.

Stephen Walden, a 2012 graduate of Loyola Marymount University, aims to raise $60,000 before October 20, 2013 to fund the first production run of ergonomically designed flat head, spade and show shovels manufactured by his new company, Bosse Tools. More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at http://bossetools.com.

Returning from the California Home & Garden Show where he demonstrated the use of the ergonomic shovel designs, Walden noted, “It’s funny when people look at this shovel and they are instantly intrigued – that’s why I believe our Kickstarter has taken off.”

Inspired by the work ethic instilled by his parents, Walden started building his new company while still studying for his Masters in Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University. By the time he had earned his MBA, he had already brainstormed the new shovel designs and won several business model competitions in California and beyond.

“Most of my classmates were busy looking for jobs as graduation approached,” says Walden. “I was busy looking for manufacturers and putting together a business plan for my own company