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Bosse is all about safety. Keep your pets safe!

Bosse Tools is constantly thinking about safety. Today we are taking a look at safety tips for our pets!  The first three tips include:  How to keep pets safe at a party!  The second three tips include:  How to keep pets safe during cold winter months.  

Pets are the life of the party so make sure to keep them safe by using these three strategies:

1.  Be cocktail cautious for your pet
Be cautious where drinks are set if alcoholic beverages are being served.  Watch out for sweet beverages which mask the flavor.  Signs of distress include problems walking or standing up, lack of coordination, drowsiness, a slow breathing rate, excessive urination, vomiting, or unresponsiveness.
2.  Create guest pet rules
Guests love to feed the cuties so create treat bowls with directions.  This avoids human food feeding and can help calm nerves.  Also, add a petting session for the more extreme pets such as lizards or other exotics. 
3.  A room alone for your pet to rest
When all the noise gets to be too much, make sure your pet has a quiet room with water and food.

Brrrr.  Has your pet changed since the snow hit the ground?  Well, here's three tips to keep your pets safe.


1. Encourage pet activity
Animals have the tendency to become sedentary when cool weather rolls around. Take your pet out for walks around the neighborhood or bring your pet to your local dog park. You can also buy him treat-dispensing toys that encourage him to kick and knock the toy about before he gets a treat.
2. Keep pet skin in good shape
The cold winds and grounds and the dry heat of your house can both irritate your pet's skin and cause it to itch and flake.  If you own a dog, make sure to apply petroleum jelly before taking him out for a walk. This can safeguard his paws from ice, salts, and other chemicals that can irritate his skin.  Don't forget to shovel snow from your driveway and pathways to keep your pooch from getting in contact with it.  Check our shovels here.  Snow Shovels.
3. Protect pet from antifreeze
Antifreeze is important for your vehicle but it can be extremely poisonous for your dog or cat. Store it properly and make sure to clean up spills on the ground.  Prevention is better than cure.   

Read this Bosse Tools REVIEW regarding llamas & rabbits!
For more information on pet safety go to:

3 Steps to the Perfect Snow Fort

Building a snow fort is one of the best parts of winter. If you're a child, you'll love the fact that the snow fort can shield you from your playmates' snowballs and prevent you from getting drenched in snow. If you're a parent, you'll appreciate the fact that snow forts — along with snowball fights — give you the chance to play around with your kids and build wonderful memories with them. 

If you're planning to construct a snow fort this winter, don't just get out and turn piles of snow into a haphazard shelter. Instead, follow these easy three DIY steps and get ready to build the ultimate shield against snowballs:

3 Steps to the Perfect Snow Fort

1. Determine how large your fort will be

The size of your snow fort depends on the amount of snow in the area. If there are several feet of snow available, you can plan to build a sturdy, four-walled structure with an intricate design. If you're stuck with just several inches of the white fluff, it's best to opt for one large wall with a couple of two-foot wings. 

Your snow fort's size also depends on the number of people on your team. Obviously, the more people you have, the bigger your fort should be. Don't forget to consider the height of team mates; your walls should be tall enough to provide cover to the tallest person yet still short enough to let the smallest person throw snowballs. 

Once you've decided on your fort's size, take out your snow shovel and outline the perimeter of your structure. This will serve as a guide when you start building your shelter.

 WATCH! Extreme winter snow fort video 1,055,394 views

2. Choose the right materials

Experienced snow warriors know that moist snow — not the powdery ones — are the best materials for an excellent snow fort since they easily stick together and form into blocks. But, if powdery snow is all that's available, don't worry: you can still use them as long as you pick those that fallen near houses and plants. They're wetter than snow in other areas and will be easier to transform into bricks.

Of course, if you want to make your structure sturdier, you can  use a material known as pykrete. It's basically a mixture of ice and wood pulp and will render your snow fort strong, sturdy, and even bullet-proof! How's that for the ultimate snow fort

3. Construct your fort

Once you've found the right snow, start building your fort. Get a bucket, fill it with the white fluff, and put your “bricks” along the line that you've previously traced on the ground. If you're out of time, get a large cooler and use it to make big bricks that you can easily stack on each other. Fill any gaps between the bricks with packed snow.

After stacking your bricks, take more snow and arrange it on your outer walls. Using an ergonomic Bosse shovel,

make your outer walls slant slightly (while keeping your inner walls straight and perpendicular). Doing this is will make your fort sturdier and more durable. Once you're done, pour cold water on your structure and let it harden overnight.

Use these sites for added inspiration! 

WIRED How to Make an Indestructible Snow Fort - With Pykrete

Smithsonian's How To Make the Best Snowfort Ever

Buzz Feed's 33 Ways to Build A Snow Fort You'll Want to Move In To

7 Snow Shovel Safety Tips

Snow Shoveling is an excellent winter exercise.  It improves muscle tone, strengthens immune system, and maintains good cardiovascular and respiratory health. Despite these health benefits, approximately 28,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries that happened while snow shoveling and related activities, according to the 2013 US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There are many steps to prevent injuries without pushing your body too hard and putting your health and safety at risk. These include:

1. Performing warm-up exercises

One of the worst things you can do is to force your still-stiff muscles to work right away. So, before doing anything, perform exercises that will help you limber up your muscles and make your body ready for the day's snow shoveling tasks. Stretching is good, but you can also warm up by going through your normal day-to-day activities — like showering, making your bed, giving your dog a walk.

2. Practicing proper posture and body mechanics

For many people, poor posture and repetitive movements are some of the reasons why they feel tired and sore after snow shoveling. Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by simply by practicing good body mechanics. Bend your knees instead of bending your back when lifting something. Keep your work close to your body instead of arching your back or overreaching your arms.  

Watch FOX10Phoenix and see Aaron and Stephan talk about how feeling tired after shoveling led them to create Bosse Tools:  

3. Wearing the appropriate protective equipment

Some people refuse to wear winterized coats and boots, but don't make the same mistake. Professionals put the equipment on all the time because they know that these will help them protect their health and safety. Gloves, for example, will safeguard your hands from cuts and wounds, while boots will protect you from slips and falls. 

4. Using the right snow shovel tools

Doing this can help you finish your tasks without using a lot of effort. Instead of using an old fashion snow shovel, for instance, you can complete the job using a ergonomic one. Click to read how reinvented Bosse Shovels  are easier to handle, and they won't put a lot of strain on your back.

5. Using adaptive tools when necessary

There are now lots of adaptive tools for snow shovels, if you find yourself having some mobility issues, you might want to take advantage of these innovations.  Read this story on students who build a snow blower for a man in a wheelchair.

6. Staying hydrated

Your body heats up when you tackle snow shoveling tasks, which means you'll still sweat buckets even when you work during winter. Because of this, you need to drink plenty of water, even when you don't feel thirsty. This way, you'll keep dehydration at bay and maintain good health.

7.  Taking breaks

Make sure you are taking breaks while snow shoveling.  Stand up strait, stretch, wiggle, fidget and touch your toes.  Ideally every 10-15 minutes.

To find more information on staying safe while snow shoveling read these sites we found helpful:

Here's what different about Bosse Tools Ergonomic Show Shovel:

Three DIY Tips for Halloween using a Shovel

Perhaps a shovel isn’t the first thing people think of when Halloween is mentioned, but the holiday would be much less spooky if the digging implement were not around.  Here's three fun Halloween tips to shovel up some fun.

Three DIY Tips for Halloween using a Shovel

1. Buried Treasure

A shovel can be part of all the unique fun you decide to dig up on Halloween.  One party idea you may want to use is hunting for (spooky) buried treasure. Have the buried treasure hunt before dark for children and after dark for adults.  All you need are a few shovels, solar powered lights, candles or tiki torches, a few spooky treasures and a treasure map can create some unique Halloween fun in your own backyard. Bury the treasure, create a map, add the lighting choice in strategic locations around the yard and hand your guests a shovel and a portion of the buried treasure map. Let them dig their way around looking for the treasure and avoiding the pitfalls you’ve placed along the way.

2. Graves with an Eerie Glow

Dig a shallow grave or two and rig zombies to pop up from them as treasure hunters walk by. Dig a few shallow holes and fill some with water to create mudholes and fill others with burning embers to create an eerie glow. 

3. Grave Markers

Shovels also make spooky grave markers for the shallow burying place you dig for the dead and the un-dead and can be used as signs along the treasure-hunting route to point the way.  After the night of fun and the dawn begins to break, use shovels to hide all the evidence. Throw dirt on the fire to ensure it’s out, fill in all the holes in the yard and pat the dirt on top of the grave down smoothly so your yard will look normal and not like a crime scene.

To wrap up the Halloween holiday, rinse the remaining evidence off the business end of the shovel and wipe off your finger prints from the handle. Store the shovel in the shed until garden season rolls around and no one will ever know about all the fun you had with a shovel on Halloween.

Remember, take care of your back by using our innovative new shovels.  You don't have to hurt making this holiday fun!




Pinterest Projects You Can Dominate With Bosse Tools

You are the DIY master. No need to bring in unnecessary teams to accomplish what you know you can do better. We salute you! So if you’re looking to work a little magic on the backyard this summer, let’s get the ideas churning. Here are 5 DIY Pinterest projects you can knock out with our ergonomic shovel line

1- Submerged Fire Pit 


There are a lot of awesome ways to build a fire pit, but nothing compares to a submerged one. Depending on how you construct it, a submerged fire pit can be even easier than building a vertical one. But, we know you aren’t afraid of extra work. What we love is how unique this design can be. Especially when you capitalize on the ability to design outward, this once simple element can become a canvas for creativity. 

And, if you get super crafty, do a combo design


2- Underground Greenhouse

If you’ve got land, a green thumb, limited budget and a desire to garden all year, the Walipini is about to revolutionize the way you garden. A Walipini (the Aymara Indian word for a "place of warmth”) is an underground greenhouse that harnesses enough of the sun’s energy to keep your veggies green and fruitful all year. 

This is by far the best solution we’ve seen for extending the gardening season all year. Just imagine the possibilities if you incorporated vertical garden elements!  

3- Sunken Trampoline 

Obviously we are big fans of things in the ground. But, this one also has huge safety implications. Nothing is more terrifying than watching a little one bounce right off of the trampoline with an added 5 feet to drop. With a sunken trampoline, that exit is nothing more than softly walking onto the grass. 

For the aesthetic enthusiasts, you’re in luck! The sunken trampoline is about to rock your world. First, you remove a bit of an eyesore from the yard. A trampoline is an awesome adventure toy for all ages—because who doesn’t want to jump on it? But, it doesn’t do a lot for the backyard feng shui. Now it’s completely removed from your line of sight.  

Second, no more spotty dead patches of grass throughout the yard. While you may always mean to move the tramp around throughout the month, it doesn’t happen. That sun deprived yellow grass isn’t doing a lot to complement your pansies. 

4- Natural Swimming Pool 


It’s not uncommon for people to have ponds in their backyard. It’s a great way to add character. But, how cool would it be to build a natural swimming pool? It serves a similar purpose in your yard as far as aesthetics, but the functionality of being able to use the swimming pool trumps a pond any day of the week. And, twice on hot days. 

If you want to go all out on incorporating a swimming pool/pond as a focal point for your property, check out how this father son team went above and beyond

5- Backyard Escape 

If you are looking to redefine the landscape of your yard, the best way is to start looking at space differently. Explore options that go below the surface. This changes the entire dynamic of your yard. It’s no longer a flat and semi boring space.  All of a sudden becomes a new oasis beckoning exploration. 

Here are a few examples of people who pushed the boundaries of what a flat yard could achieve. 

From Decoist: 


From Filmscapes: 

From Home Design TC: 



The possibilities are endless in the DIY world. All you need is a little inspiration, elbow grease and motivation to turn your back yard into a picturesque escape.   

For all those projects, big and small, check out the complete Bosse Ergonomic Shovel Line. These shovels were designed to complement the human form. They give you the ability to dig faster, complete more in a day and prevent against injuries.

For more DIY inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.  

5 Benefits of Gardening - #3 Will Surprise You!

With spring slowly creeping in, it’s time to get back into gardening mode. We already have visions of radishes, strawberries and plums dancing in our heads.

In case it’s been a long winter, we decided to remind you of the top benefits of gardening.

1- Ease Stress 

Feeling a little stressed lately? Well it’s time to pick up a shovel (preferably an ergonomic Bosse one) and hit the yard. Regardless of how much you dig, several components of gardening help to wash away the stress. 


You gotta love increasing serotonin. This little chemical is known for boosting your mood. And, sunlight just happens to be known for increasing serotonin in the brain. 

Fresh Air

Getting out of stuffy offices can be an instant energy booster. Not only an energizer, getting enough oxygen can also help you sleep better at night. 

Focus & Meditation

There are many elements of gardening that are methodical. By focusing on removing weeds or trimming, your mind takes a moment to forget your problems and relax. 

2- Healthy Eats  

Once your garden gets into full swing, it’s hard to not eat healthy. Bell peppers will start showing up in breakfasts, lunches will feature home grown salads and dinners will start showcasing six different ways you can cook zucchini.

By the way, zucchini can be steamed, stuffed, baked and turned into bread. Just in case you find yourself in need of a way to get rid of excess zucchini.

And, if you plant a few crazy producers, like spaghetti squash, even your neighbors will be eating healthy!

The best news is that this is the most scrumptious way to have vegetables. Few things compare to the burst of flavor when you pick a cherry tomato right out of the garden. Or, the bright orange carrots straight from the ground. In fact, everything tastes better fresh. 

3- Boost Brain Power & Fight Alzheimer’s

We’re not going to lie, this was a surprise! A welcome one. But, the science is there: adults who garden see a 36% risk reduction for Alzheimer’s. No one can really explain the full mystery behind this disease or the relationship with gardening. But experts have speculated that it’s because gardening uses so many critical functions. In a half-hour gardening session, you could be utilizing your solving problems skills, learning, dexterity and sensory awareness.

All of those are positive brain exercises.

So if you are looking to spur a little extra brainpower, it’s time to turn to Mother Nature and test out that green thumb of yours.

4- Exercise

Regardless if you are tending to a patio garden or trying to outperform a local farmer, gardening gets you moving. Especially if you have a medium to large sized garden, maintaining the garden gets your heart pumping. Digging, planting and weeding are great ways to get some exercise.

*Be careful not to overstrain or hurt yourself. Look to adopt ergonomic practices to maximize health rewards of gardening.

5- More Money in the Bank 

Eating healthy is known for a lot of things (losing weight, reducing blood pressure, boosting energy) but rarely “cheap eats.”

Unless you can grow it yourself!

Growing your own produce provides scrumptious fruits and veggies for a fraction of the cost. Bags of seeds start off under $2. Starter plants are typically under $5 and while they might start off small, they do create a big impact.

Something as small as a windowsill garden can produce more than you think. Consider a producer like spinach, lettuce or tomatoes for smaller spaces. Add an herb like basil, and you can enjoy Caprese Salads all summer. Throw a Garden Tower into the mix, and the possibilities are endless!


Hopefully you are inspired to take up gardening this summer. This is only a small list of the benefits of gardening.

Here at Bosse, we wanted to make enjoyable activities like gardening more rewarding. That is why we designed a complete line of ergonomic shovels. By focusing on a design that complements human form you can reduce injury and increase productivity. 


Why Ergonomic Gardening is Important

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start getting back into gardening mode. Perhaps you are planting your seedlings indoors. Maybe you’ve started planning out your ideal vegetable garden. Or, you might be exploring all the cool ideas on new Pinterest Boards

No matter how you are preparing from another fruitful gardening season, make sure to incorporate ergonomic gardening tactics into your summer plans. Here are three reasons ergonomic practices will make this summer the best gardening season yet:

1 – Prevent Injury

Gardening may not be a contact sport, but it does come with its fair share of injuries. Did you know that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates over 100,000 gardening related injuries occur a year? Ouch.

More than 25% of those injuries are attributed to unpowered garden tools. This doesn’t even account for the most common complaint of back pain. Sidestep this slightly awkward fate by utilizing ergonomic practices combined with tools designed for human use.

At its core, ergonomics is based on designing environments and tools to best accommodate for human use. Because they were designed with the human user in mind, they have built-in measures to reduce overexertion and strain. 

For example, the Bosse Shovel promotes a more upright posture while shoveling, reducing low back strain. The two handles offer additional wrist support. These innovative features are the byproduct of designing for human use. It’s ergonomics in practice.

2 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Wouldn’t you love to accomplish more with less work? Of course, you would. Who wouldn’t want to maximize their impact? Think more beautiful gardens with less tedious measures.

Ergonomics allows you to do just that!

By adopting ergonomic practices and tools, you can only increase your productivity. Especially when working with these tools, know that the creators design them to leverage human strengths.

That’s exactly how the Bosse team approaches their design. The second handle of the Bosse Shovel increases your lifting power. Another positive feature is that it extends your wingspan. Now a shovel can help you be more efficient and effective in the garden.

3- Have More Fun

This is the ultimate goal. Gardening is your creative outlet, your passion and your pastime. Don’t let it be riddled with chronic back pain or stress from overexertion. When you take care of yourself, and protect against injury, you are going to enjoy everything more.

By implementing ergonomic practices, you are opening the opportunity to have this pastime bring you more gratification. Bottom line: you will feel better doing it. At the end of the day, few things could be more important than that.


The benefits of ergonomics extend far beyond the garden. If you apply this philosophy to other areas of your life, you will enjoy increased productivity and improved quality of life.

At Bosse, we fully believe in the positive impact ergonomics can have in today’s world. With all the technology we have available to us, we should be designing products to complement the human form. We’ve started by providing you with a full line of shovels. Who knows where we can go from here.

The 7 Coolest Gardening Tools on Kickstarter

There’s a movement on Kickstarter making the jump to growing your own food easier, and sleeker, than ever. With several hundred projects dedicated to promoting the homegrown culture, gardening is at its most progressive point in history. And it only goes up from here.

So in honor of all the innovation in the world of gardening, here are 7 of the coolest gardening tools on Kickstarter:

1-Ergonomic Shovels

Leave the backache behind and adopt a more efficient way of shoveling with the ergonomic Bosse Shovel line. This innovative project is redefining the way we shovel, building a tool designed to complement the human form.

It starts with a rotating second handle in the middle of the shovel. This handle locks in place, allowing for different applications, improved posture and better leverage shoveling. The revolutionary rotating center handle is coupled with a main handle at the top to avoid wrist strain.

The Bosse Shovel line is complete with a round point shovel, a flat head shovel and a snow shovel.

2- Intuitive Weeders

Weeding has never been easier than with the Ring Weeder. Modeled after a screwdriver, this tool slips over your index finger like a ring. Next, you dig the forked end into the heart of where the weed roots live. The tool will penetrate the soil, loosening it up, so you can easy pull out the weed at the roots.

3- Garden Tower

No matter if you’re an urban gardener or have a small plot of land, make the most of your gardening space through a Garden Tower. This ingenious tool gives you the ability to grow 50 plants in just 4 square feet.

The unique design allows you to customize the tower to your desired height through removable rings. Promoting organic farming, the entire middle column is designed to compost kitchen scraps to give your plants optimal nutrients. Regardless of your gardening conditions, this tool makes gardening an easy and enriching process.

4- A Fish Tank That Grows Food

This Kickstarter gets bonus points for sheer creativity. The founders from Back to the Roots have created a “Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food.” This innovative garden fish tank combo is completely self-sustaining and chemical free.

It starts with the fish tank at the bottom. All natural byproducts from the fish—yes we’re talking about fish poop—get filtered to the plants growing above the tank. This creates nutrient dense fertilizer. The plants in turn clean the water, removing the need to ever clean the tank.

No chemicals, just a healthy self-sustaining eco system.

5- ”Smart” Garden Monitor

Every gardener has different questions throughout the season. “Am I over watering? Is there enough sunlight for my vegetables? Do I need to apply more fertilizer?”

Consider those questions answered.

The Edyn Kickstarter project created a way for you to become more connected to your garden. This powerful sensor brings to light all sorts of data about your specific garden. It gives you detailed insights to soil nutrition, temperature, watering needs, daily sun intake and more. It even goes so far as to compare your conditions against regional data, helping you decide the best plants for your garden.

It’s your guide to what is happening in your garden at this very moment. In the creator’s words, “Take the guesswork out of gardening.” 

6- Virtual Garden Planning

This innovative Kickstarter applied the paint by numbers concept to gardening. Go online and create a virtual garden with their easy to use software. More than just a design tool, this program will give you zip zone specific insight to what plants will thrive in your garden. It even calculates days until harvest.

Once your virtual garden is completed, they will ship your specific “Seedsheet” to your door, complete with seeds embedded into the weed barrier. All you need to do is lay it down on your garden and add water. No weeding necessary! Gardening has never been easier. 

7- Smart Color LED Solar Garden Light

Light up your entire garden, with solar power! The PLAYBULB Garden adds color and lighting effects to your garden. And in the designer’s words, because it’s 100% solar powered and eco friendly, “It's just as GREEN as your garden!”

As the most intelligent garden lighting system out there, it can be easily controlled with a free app and automatically powers up once the sun goes down. This little light spends the whole day charging, which translates into 20 hours of light. Your garden will have just as much character during the night with 5 different lighting effects to choose from.


Every day brings more possibilities to the world of gardening. At Bosse, we are championing ergonomic outlets, making gardening less painful and more fruitful. Our goal is to allow you to work smarter, not harder.

To see how, check out our entire line of ergonomically designed shovels.




Ergonomic Tools: A Must For Everyday Living

You’re only given one body in this lifetime. It should come with a giant tattoo that reads, “Please handle with care.” It’s crucial that we preserve our health by taking care of our bodies.

Most people want to make it to old age with flair. Retirement should be spent doing the activities you’ve grown to love. But did you know that many of our jobs and daily habits wreak havoc on our joints, back and nerves? Sitting is being referred to as the new smoking. Labor jobs could put you into early retirement. Don’t let making a living cost you the ability to live your life to the fullest.

Thankfully, there is a new movement driving change in this area.  

The Ergonomic Movement

Finally, companies have started designing products to better-fit humans. Why it took so long, we will never know, but only good can come from optimizing design based on the way we use products.

Several different factors go into ergonomic design. The first priority is to improve safety. In fact, this was one of the initial motivators driving the ergonomic movement. You’ll find this in a variety of manufacturing and construction spaces. It started as a way to limit on-the-job injuries and it has expanded to include reducing long-term effects from jobs as well.

The other two factors that go into ergonomic design are increasing efficiency and improving practicality. 

Stress, Strain & Overexertion

Repetitive motions can send you to an early grave, and if they don’t put you in the grave they could render you immobile in a chair.

While that might seem a little extreme, you get the idea. It’s not a pretty picture. Our bodies weren’t designed for a lot of the repetitive motions we do every day.

Here are a few examples from OSHA’s Ergonomic Study:

  • Awkward postures, or unsupported positions that stretch physical limits, can compress nerves and irritate tendons;
  • Static postures, or positions that a worker must hold for long periods of time, can restrict blood flow and damage muscles;
  • Motion, such as increased speed or acceleration when bending and twisting, can increase the amount of force exerted on the body
  • Compression, from grasping sharp edges like tool handles, can concentrate force on small areas of the body, reduce blood flow and nerve transmission, and damage tendons and tendon sheath.

Despite the negative impact, there are some motions we can’t do without. Integrating ergonomic practices and products will limit the effects of those motions.

Life & Work Longevity

Arthritis is crippling our aging population. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to adopt practices designed to limit the negative impact to your body?

By definition, ergonomic practices reduce stress on joints. Ergonomic practices produce a higher quality of life in the short term as well. We call that a win-win.

Increased Productivity

One of the most overlooked benefits of ergonomic practices is increased productivity.

For computer work, taking frequent micro breaks to stretch or walk leaves you energized. Once you hit that mid-afternoon slump, take a quick trip around the block. This will increase oxygen and boost circulation. Both are natural energy sources. Added benefit: it awakens stiff muscles and eases joints.

For manual labor, well-designed ergonomic tools require less effort to accomplish more work. Not only can you accomplish tasks faster, you have more energy at the end of a long day to live your life to its fullest.


The best news is that there are impressive ergonomic advancements being made every day. Just take shoveling for example. Although no one knows when the first shovel was created, there are archeological findings dating back to 12,000 years ago. Talk about ancient technology. The last time the shovel saw a good makeover was about 110 years ago. Frederick Winslow Taylor took a crack at shovel design by playing with different materials. A good redesign was long overdue.

Enter Bosse Tools, an innovator in ergonomic hardware tools. Our revolutionary shovel design promotes good posture, allows for a greater range of motion, and supports the wrist with a solid handle. We took an ancient art and modernized it for human use.

How to Make Snow Removal Easy

Many of us smile when snowflakes start to fall. So pretty, we think to ourselves. But as the snowflakes turn into a dusting, which slowly accumulates in inches, we start to cringe. Especially knowing our driveways will soon be inescapable.

To help beat the challenges of snow removal, here are 3 helpful tips:


Shovel Frequently

The easiest way to tackle big snowstorms is to shovel often. As snow continues to fall, it becomes packed snow. This is heavier and harder to move, which increases the risk of injury. One of the most common snow related injuries is lower back pain.

By clearing the driveway every few hours, depending on the severity of the storm, the amount of snow will be more manageable. This helps reduce the strain on your back. While you will be clearing it more often, the act of shoveling will become easier. It also goes faster. With only an inch or two to clear, you could be done in twenty minutes.

Salt & Sand

Nothing makes snow removal worse than when snow turns to ice. Luckily, rock salt helps prevent your path from icing over. It lowers the melting temperature of ice and snow, causing it to melt faster.  

In temperatures below 15 degrees, rock salt isn’t effective. If you live in a colder region, consider a salt brine or sand. In addition to being more effective in lower temperatures, salt brine can also be less expensive. The sand will help you gain traction if your pathway tends to get icy.

Right Tools

The right tool can make any job easier. And this applies to snow removal as well. You need a quality shovel that combines the ability to get the job done with an ergonomic design. This type of tool will promote good posture, have a quality handle, and decrease strain on your back.

Once you use a high-quality shovel, you will never want to go back to old, ineffective models.

For more insight, check out our guide on picking the right snow shovel

Pro Tip: To combat snow sticking to your shovel, apply cooking spray to the shovel so snow will slide right off.


As winter continues to press on make sure you are prepared. Stock up early on essentials like rock salt, sand, and other winter must-have tools. That way you can rest easy when a storm system enters your area.

While you are stocking your garage full of essentials, check out our ergonomically designed snow shovel. This innovative design reduces strain on your back and promotes good posture. Just one more way to make winter storms easier.


Are You Ready for Winter? 4 Tips to Prepare

As the leaves are done falling and the snow begins to fall, you know that winter is here. Make sure you are prepared for this winter with these 4 preparedness measures:

Create a Car Emergency Kit

While you should always have an emergency kit in your car, in the winter it is essential. Here are the core items it should include: 

  • Shovel
  • Windshield Scrapper & Brush
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • Food (such as power bars) & Water
  • Warm Clothes (extra socks, hats and mittens) & Blankets
  • Tow Chain or Rope
  • Road Salt or Sand
  • Jumper Cables
  • Flashlight + Batteries
  • First Aid Kit

Car Maintenance

While your car may run great throughout the summer, as the colder temperatures set in and the days shorten, you don’t want to run into problems.

Here are the key areas to check when preparing your car for winter:

  • Check batteries, lights and brakes
  • Top off antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, gas, oil and other fluids
  • Replace worn out wiper blades, or keep spares in the vehicle
  • Evaluate tire condition and consider snow tires

Stock Up on Supplies

Like the heat wave in the summer when the fans disappeared from the store, you don’t want to be caught behind the eight ball. Stock up on the winter essentials before the big storm hits.

The main two items you need to have in your garage are rock salt and a reliable snow shovel. To save your back from unnecessary strain and prevent injury, consider an ergonomic snow shovel.

Retain Heat & Save Energy in the House

As the cold sets in, make sure that your house retains heat and doesn’t waste energy due to inefficiencies. Simple adjustments could save a lot of energy costs come winter. Any problems you run into are likely to be cheaper to fix during the fall as well.

Take some time to:

  • Caulk around windows and doors
  • Reverse ceiling fans to push warm air down
  • Tune up your heating system
  • Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles
  • Clean the gutters to prevent ice dams


As snow continues to fall, make sure it is a magical time by being prepared. The last thing you want to do this winter is to be caught off guard. These 4 steps will have you breathing easier knowing you can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

And if you are looking for more ways to make winter easier this year, check out our ergonomic shovel. This innovative design was created to maximize your efforts while limiting muscle strain.

How to Pick the Right Snow Shovel

Tis’ the season for snow. And with that comes hours of snow removal. If a snow blower doesn’t make sense for your budget or the size of your driveway, you will need a good snow shovel!

Here are the top 5 considerations when picking out your next snow shovel:

Ergonomic Design

Basic shovels in every hardware store don’t support ergonomic designs. This is surprising since shovels have been around for centuries. But ergonomic design is one of the main characteristics you should look for in any shovel, especially a snow shovel.

Shoveling is a very intense. And like going to the gym, you should be focused on not overextending muscles and maintaining good posture. Not doing so could result in injury. US Emergency Rooms see an average of 11,500 injuries each year for snow removal related issues.

A good ergonomic design will reduce the strain on your back and encourage correct posture.


Snow varies in weight from 7 lbs. to 30 lbs. per cubic foot. One shovelful can range between 3 lbs. to 8 lbs. You want to make sure to choose an appropriately weighted shovel that is not too flimsy or too heavy and adding extra weight to your load. Choose a perfectly weighted shovel like the Bosse Snow Shovel at 5.5 lbs.


When you invest in a snow shovel, you should be confident that it will serve you for many winters to come. Choose an option that blends quality material in a lightweight design. To get quality without the excess weight, look for shafts made out of fiberglass.

Ease of Use

Two main factors go into the usability of a shovel: length and handle type. Your shovel should come to about chest height to limit bending, easing back strain. The handle needs to support your wrist. Avoid handles that force awkward wrist positions. The strongest handle type is the “D” shape.

Scoop Size

At the end of the day, you need to get the job done. The driveway needs to be cleared before you go to work. Your sidewalks need be cleared before the melting begins and the snow freezes. And you need to get on with your day. Pick a shovel that will give you the ability to shovel efficiently.


If you are looking for the perfect shovel to tackle another winter season, check out our ergonomically designed snow shovel. Weighing in at 5.5 lbs with dual handles to maximize strength without over-extending muscles, you will get more done with less effort this year. And since the materials are top notch, including a fiberglass shaft and Polypropylene shovelhead, you can be confident you will have it for years to come.

Don’t End Up in the Hospital this Winter from Shoveling Snow

Did you know that over 11,500 people go to the hospital or emergency room every year for issues related to shoveling snow?

Astonishing, we know. But when you think about the effort needed to move dense snow combined with the inadequate standard design of a snow shovel, it’s not quite as surprising.

The Wall Street Journal cited a study indicating that, “More than half of injuries [from snow shoveling] resulted from acute musculoskeletal exertion.” The article continued to say, “most shovels contribute to injuries because of their non-ergonomic design, which hasn't changed in over a century.”

It makes sense. The old snow shovel design lacked handgrips, wasn’t long enough and the design over emphasized straining your back. Not to mention steel shovels were incredibly heavy, adding to the burden of fatigued muscles. 

Add that to the fact that snow is heavy and we’re lucky we didn’t see more injuries in the hospital last year! 

Which is why if you are facing a long winter with continual snowfall, you should consider adding an ergonomic snow shovel to your arsenal.

An Ergonomic Design

At Bosse Tools, we decided to approach designing a snow shovel with humans in mind. Because we wanted to make this necessary task easy for everyone, as well as prevent unnecessary injuries.

Ergonomic ShovelThe Grip


While many snow shovels don’t even have a handle, we have two! Not only do you ditch the wrist pain through better positioning, the second handle gives you important leverage and promotes good posture, protecting your back.

Revolutionary Rotating Center Handle

Take control of what ergonomic design means to your individual needs! With our custom rotating center handle, you can angle the handle in a manner that works best for you.


Snow is heavy enough, your shovel shouldn’t add to the burden. By using fiberglass, we maintained the strength of the shovel without any unnecessary weight. Combine the lightweight materials with the ergonomic design, and you can beat muscle ache this winter.


So when you head out to tackle the army of snow taking over your driveway this winter, don’t be one of the thousands suffering from consistent back pain and unnecessary muscle strain. Know that you have a tool that was designed to protect you, and make the task of shoveling snow easier. An ergonomic Bosse Snow Shovel.








The Best 2014 Gift for the Family Gardener Or Handyman

This year, think outside the box for giving a gift to a special gardener or handy man in your life. Give them the gift of the ability to work smarter, not harder. Inspire them to transform their yard into a work of art, bringing to life all their forgotten aspirations. Bring back joy to their beloved craft or pastime. Empower them with more energy to complete things that matter.

Give the gift of an Ergonomic Shovel.

Age-Old Design Meets Ergonomic Innovation

Ergonomic Shovel

Now you might be asking how a simple shovel can give the gift of creativity, inspiration and enjoyment while easing the burden of work. Let’s start with this isn’t just a simple shovel.

It’s an innovative ergonomic tool designed to leverage the strength of users with minimum effort and strain. 

We accomplished this through focusing on the user, maximizing their strengths, protecting the back and neck, and putting the burden on the shovel. No unnecessary muscle strain. In short, it was designed to make your life easier.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

No one will tell you that manual labor is easy. And there is a certain draw to knowing that as the sun goes down, you put in a full day’s work outside. But imagine how much more fulfilling a long day in the yard or in the field can be with the opportunity to accomplish more with the same amount of effort.

Which is exactly what a gift of a Bosse shovel will do.

The new line of shovels successfully redesigns not only the way that handymen, gardeners and farmers approach the job, but it maximizes their impact when working. By building in ergonomic principles, they accomplish the same tasks with less strain.

This unique design also promotes proper body mechanics, reducing back, shoulder and neck strain.

Inspiration & Enjoyment

Your loved one has a passion to be outside immersed in hands on activities and building new creations. But especially as time passes, many of us lose the zeal through the continual wear and tear.

Overcome the past wear and tear, reigniting the passion again!

By limiting the physical strain of tasks they once enjoyed, they will be able to take to the field or garden with more gusto and inspiration, making the entire process more enjoyable.


If your loved one is an avid gardener, Do-It Yourselfer, handyman or spends a lot of time doing manual labor, then this year, give them a gift that will redefine their passions or the way they approach daily tasks.

Give the gift of an ergonomic shovel.


24- year old Inventor’s Ergonomic Shovels Among Top 5% of Successful Kickstarter Projects

Stephen Walden raises his $60,000 Kickstarter goal in 40 days to fund manufacturing of ergonomic construction/lawn & garden tools designed to reduce worksite injuries with one simple innovation – a fully rotational center handle.

(Los Angeles) October 22, 2013 – Only 42% of Kickstarter projects launched meet their crowd-funding goals, and only 5% of funded projects bring in more than $20,000. A 24-year-old California entrepreneur’s line of ergonomic shovels has just joined that elite group, bringing in over $60,200 from 436 supporters in the first forty days of his 42-day Kickstarter campaign. Stephen Walden will use the funds for the first production run of ergonomically designed flat head, spade and snow shovels manufactured by his new company, Bosse Tools.  Walden says reviews of the tools have been quite positive.  “People are excited to get these shovels. Folks using them say they have a hard time going back to traditional tools, and I believe it’s simply because we redesigned one of the world’s oldest devices. Nobody’s ever done this before,” Walden adds.

“Crowdfunding is an amazing way to launch a business idea – it sure beats walking from door to door asking for pledges,” says Walden. “Kickstarter has a great atmosphere that fosters entrepreneurship and lets you run with an idea…the support from family and friends has been amazing over the past month, and I am excited to see so many people supporting the idea of ergonomics in the workplace.”  With just under 2 days left in the campaign, Walden is anxious to see if the last few hours in the campaign will be as exciting as the first few. “When we launched a month ago, we raised $15,000 in the first 3 days, maybe we will see another spike like that here at the end,” Walden proclaims.  To see his campaign in its final hours – click here.

Walden, a 2012 graduate of Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles, California, has been working on the ergonomic shovel concept for over a year. While pursuing his Masters in Business Administration in Finance at LMU, Walden was one of the first students to participate in the university’s Business Incubator Lab, an entrepreneurship program led by Professor David Choi. “The incubator is a new program at LMU and Dr. Choi encourages us to get a product in the hands of the people,” Walden explains.

Walden previously took his shovel idea to the 2013 LeanModel Competition at San Diego State University, where he won the “Pitch the Investor” competition, the “Tiger Tank” competition (akin to television’s “Shark Tank”) and the Overall LeanModel Competition Award. He and his team went on to win several titles and around $25,000 in prize money at a number of collegiate business competitions, including the International Business Model Competition at Harvard University in May.

“Most of my fellow MBA majors were busy looking for jobs as graduation approached last spring,” says Walden. “I was busy looking for manufacturers and putting together a business plan for my own company. Some people thought I was crazy to throw myself into this full time instead of looking for a job. I’ve been working full-time, seven days a week on nothing else but Bosse Tools for the past five months to get to this point,” says Walden. “Running a Kickstarter absolutely feels like a full-time job, it demands a lot of time, energy, and finesse. I have been stressed, nervous and anxious, even lost quite a bit of sleep during my campaign, but the hard work has paid off and I am excited to move to the next step.”

"Protecting Our Nation’s Workers: Ergonomics Outside the Office" – Huffington Post Guest Column by Stephen Walden

While yoga studios, massage therapists, and ergonomic work stations might help our country's army of desk-chained workers, the men and women pouring their sweat and tears into the manufacturing and construction industries don't often have the opportunity to take advantage of these amenities. It's important that we are taking into account their health and safety, for the worker's benefit and for the overall economy's.

Ergonomics is a word we hear thrown around in many different industries, but whether we know what it really means is a whole different question. Some may think of sitting on medicine balls at the office or using a strangely curved keyboard, but ergonomics is much broader than that. Ergonomics is the science of "fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population". Effective and successful "fits" assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks, and increased satisfaction among the workforce. As you can imagine, this is something that varies across the board.

In the agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries, ergonomics hasn't taken hold like it has in the 9-5 office culture. Billions of dollars in worker's compensation claims are paid out every year to the construction industry (see Washington state's numbers for Carpenters and Construction Craft Laborers for an example), and managers have been slow to adopt new methods.

Fortunately, groups such as OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) are in favor of implementing ergonomic equipment into the workplace. Under the Obama administration, the budget for OSHA has increased every year, and so have the number and the size of fines levied. In 2009, the average fine for a serious violation was $970. Over the next four years, the average serious fine has risen to over $3,000.

OSHA has stated that it won't "focus its enforcement efforts on employers who are making good faith efforts to reduce ergonomic hazards." By choosing to use ergonomic tools on a worksite, for example, an employer may be able to demonstrate that they're making a good faith effort to comply with the General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) and keep their worksite free from ergonomic hazards.

Does this mean that every work site that uses traditional shovels and tools will be fined? This is unlikely - but those who decide to make a conscious effort to implement ergonomic tools may be rewarded by groups such as OSHA.

Employers have a responsibility to take care of their workers. Moreover, managers can serve the dual purpose of protecting their most important asset (employees) and boosting the bottom line by adopting ergonomic methods and well-being strategies which could reduce the risk of being slapped with a major fine. Whether it's ergonomic trainings, midday yoga classes, or simply the proper tools, our nation's manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries can benefit substantially by instituting these policies. A healthy workspace shouldn't be constrained to the office any longer.

Ergonomic Shovel Design in Kickstarter Jeopardy; Manhattan Beach Inventor Needs Another $5,000 in Pledges by Oct. 23

(Los Angeles, CA) — A project created to fund manufacturing of a unique line of ergonomic shovels has attained over 93% of its funding goal with two days to go in the campaign, announced the shovels’ creator, Stephen Walden, a Loyola Marymount University graduate who lives in Manhattan Beach, California. Walden and his team need to attract a total of at least $60,000 in pledges before he will be allowed to keep the funds he has raised, according to the rules of If he cannot raise the full $60,000, Walden will not receive a penny.

Any one of Bosse Tools’ ergonomic shovels can be pre-ordered with a minimum pledge of $65.00 at For a pledge of at least $175.00, a supporter can get all three ergonomic tools shipped to their U.S. address. Walden is willing to put his money where his mouth is. For a pledge of $1,999, Walden will personally deliver one of each shovel design to a supporter’s door anywhere in the U.S., and stick around for the rest of the day to give the donor eight hours of manual labor using the shovels he designed. Walden will even take the supporter to dinner afterwards.

Inspired by the work ethic instilled by his parents, Kevin and Judy Walden of Phoenix, Arizona, Walden started building his new company while still studying for his Masters in Business Administration in Finance at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. By the time he had earned his MBA, he had already brainstormed several new shovel designs.

The young entrepreneur went on to win the San Diego State Lean Model Start Up Competition and placed second in the Loyola Marymount Business Model Competition and the Elevator Pitch Competition. Bosse Tools has also participated in business start up competitions in Winnipeg, Chicago, Orange County and at Harvard University.

Walden’s ergonomic shovel designs, inspired by his own yard-work aches and pains, have received significant attention from construction and home improvement websites, newspapers, tool blogs, and TV news shows. Walden is in talks with a home improvement cable network that hopes feature his tools on an upcoming show.

24-Year Old Inventor’s New Ergonomic Shovels Earn Kudos, $40,000 in Kickstarter Pledges

(LOS ANGELES) A new line of ergonomic shovels from Bosse Tools is getting rave reviews from early testers. The lawn, garden and construction tools were created by Loyola Marymount University graduate student Stephen Walden, after several days of backbreaking labor convinced him that “there had to be a better way to move material from Point A to Point B that didn’t leave your back, wrists and shoulders sore the next day.”

Walden’s patent-pending ergonomic shovel concepts include a snow shovel, spade and flathead shovel with a rotating center grip incorporated into the handle. The spade and flathead models also feature an ergonomic center foot stomp, allowing the user to apply downward digging force in the center of the blade, rather than on the right or left as with a standard shovel.

The Bosse Tools team has launched a campaign on—a crowd funding website that only delivers donations for projects that are fully pledged during their fundraising term—and has so far received pledges of nearly $40,000 at The campaign officially ends on October 23, 2013.

“If the Bosse Tools team doesn’t reach our $60,000 goal, we will get nothing except an educational experience,” joked Walden, Bosse Tools’ 24-year-old founder. “But Kickstarter is great because it allows you to find your first group of enthusiastic supporters…in our case, the Kickstarter supporters are the first strangers who are willing to trade their capital for the first order run of my product. They are my first customers.” Bosse Tools’ ergonomic shovels can be pre-ordered with a pledge of support at

One Kickstarter supporter, Thomas Boehnlein, noted that he was “Looking forward to getting my shovel. I’ve had back problems for the past 10 years so I can use any ergonomic advantage I can get.”

Will Terry, a fifth generation Southern California farmer, grows fruits and vegetables in Ventura County. He and several of his employees tested a prototype of Bosse Tools’ spade shovel. “I don’t want someone’s mom, someone’s dad, brother, sister coming home to their family sore and worn out from work,” says Terry. “The idea would be for them to hopefully go home without any aches or pains from having to do some hard work with a shovel during the day.…What I really like about this [Bosse Tools ergonomic shovel] is whether you’re doing it right or left handed it’s fully adjustable, and allows you to get the right angle on the shovel to reduce fatigue on your back.”

Terry also likes the Bosse Tools innovative U-shaped foot hole. Says Terry, “With ordinary shovels you really have to push down on the spade of the shovel on the right or left of the handle, hich kind of pushes the shovel on way or the other. By pushing right down the middle, I think you can get a better dig on it. I know that’s certainly going to be a lot easier on your back, and do a better job out here in the field.”

Walden founded Bosse Tools to manufacture his line of ergonomic shovels, and hopes to find potential customers and distributors for his company’s ergonomic landscaping, construction and gardening tools through the Kickstarter campaign. “We have been receiving interest from all angles—from television shows to retail outlets,” Walden said in a recent update. “Just today, two print articles came out about Bosse Tools— one in the Manhattan Beach Reporter and the other in the LMU Newspaper.”

Stephen Walden was inspired to re-invent the shovel after waking up sore and tired from using an old-fashioned standard spade when helping his parents with yardwork. After taking the idea to his Loyola business school’s startup incubator, Walden’s idea was selected for further development in the classroom. He and his team went on to win and place in several startup competitions in California.

Student Entrepreneur Reinvents Shovel, Adding Ergonomic Handle to Help Reduce Workplaces Injuries and OSHA Fines

(LOS ANGELES) – After wielding a shovel doing odd jobs for his parents a few summers ago, Loyola Marymount University student Stephen Walden, then 22, thought to himself, “it shouldn’t be normal to wake up sore every day after using this tool. Why not come up with a way to make shovels easier to use?” Walden’s efforts to create a more ergonomic garden and construction tool may ultimately help reduce workplace injuries and help American businesses comply with federal and state ergonomic regulations.

Under the Obama Administration, the budget of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has increased every year, and so have the number and the size of fines levied. In 2009, the average fine for a serious violation was $970. Over the next four years, the average serious fine has risen to over $3,000.

“OSHA has stated that it won’t ‘focus its enforcement efforts on employers who are making good faith efforts to reduce ergonomic hazards,’” says Walden. “We believe that by choosing to use ergonomic Bosse Tools shovels on a worksite, an employer may be able to demonstrate that they’re making a good faith effort to comply with the General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1) and keep their worksite free from ergonomic hazards.”

Walden’s new patent-pending shovel design features a rotating grip in the center of the shaft. The spade model features a U-shaped foot stomp that allows the operator to apply foot pressure through the center of the blade. “Traditional shovels force your shoulders out of alignment, putting strain on your back one direction or the other. When you can actually hold the tool properly, your shoulders stay aligned, and your posture improves,” notes Walden. “Better posture leads to fewer injuries, according to OSHA.”

While earning his graduate degree, an M.B.A. in Finance, Walden, now 24, founded Bosse Tools to manufacture his innovative shovels. “I quickly realized the impact workplace injuries can have on productivity and compliance costs,” says Walden. “Ergonomics is a bottom-line issue. OSHA has developed ergonomic regulations for certain industries, but even if there isn’t a specific set of ergonomic guidelines for your business, OSHA’s ‘General Duty Clause’ still applies to your individual worksites, according to the agency.”

Bosse Tools’ ergonomic shovel innovations have already earned positive feedback from several on-the-ground reviewers. Scott Friedman, CEO of Green Thumb Landscaping & Maintenance in Salem, Oregon notes, “If I can minimize fatigue we can produce more work in the day. We find shoveling bark and soil is the most fatiguing acts in landscaping…Now with traditional handles the leverage is attained by gripping further down on the handle and the operators back is rounded. The ergonomic handle looks like the user may be able to remain more upright and gain the needed leverage at the handle…It looks very exciting.”

“Making it easier for American companies to comply with these federal and state ergonomics regulations may help more businesses to stay in the U.S.,” says Walden, “and that is one of our core values at Bosse Tools.”

Kickstarter Digs 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Ergonomic Shovel Design

(LOS ANGELES) A 24-year-old California entrepreneur has met nearly thirty percent of his fundraising goal on in just the first week of his 45-day campaign on the crowd funding site.

Stephen Walden, a 2012 graduate of Loyola Marymount University, aims to raise $60,000 before October 20, 2013 to fund the first production run of ergonomically designed flat head, spade and show shovels manufactured by his new company, Bosse Tools. More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at

Returning from the California Home & Garden Show where he demonstrated the use of the ergonomic shovel designs, Walden noted, “It’s funny when people look at this shovel and they are instantly intrigued – that’s why I believe our Kickstarter has taken off.”

Inspired by the work ethic instilled by his parents, Walden started building his new company while still studying for his Masters in Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University. By the time he had earned his MBA, he had already brainstormed the new shovel designs and won several business model competitions in California and beyond.

“Most of my classmates were busy looking for jobs as graduation approached,” says Walden. “I was busy looking for manufacturers and putting together a business plan for my own company

Ergonomic Shovel Designer Breaks Ground on Kickstarter Crowd-Funding Campaign

(LOS ANGELES) – California-based Bosse Tools, founded by Loyola Marymount University graduate student Stephen Walden, has just launched a $60,000 Kickstarter fundraiser to underwrite its first production run of his new line of ergonomic shovels. The project team has until October 20, 2013 to raise at least $60,000 in pledges from individual donors. If they don’t hit their $60,000 goal, they walk away empty-handed. Walden chose Kickstarter because it is a “unique opportunity to display an innovative idea on a platform that rewards forward-thinkers and visionaries.”

The campaign can be accessed via Depending on their pledge level, donors can expect to get a special reward for their support—anything ranging from a hearty thank-you, to a discount on the tools (pointed shovels, flat head shovels, and snow shovels), to a personalized day of labor from Stephen Walden.

According to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, over 11,500 Americans were hospitalized last year as a result of shoveling snow. Injuries like those—and his own sore back—inspired Walden to re-imagine the tool after several long days wielding an old-fashioned shovel. “It shouldn’t be normal to wake up sore every day after using these tools,” says Walden.

The inventor continues, “Our shovels provide an ergonomic benefit by returning the body to a more natural position, correcting one’s posture, ultimately allowing the user to get more done in less time.” The shovel, which features a rotating second grip in the middle of the handle, is designed to reduce wrist, arm and shoulder strain as well. “With worker’s compensation claims surpassing $200 billion in 2012, I realized that the workplace needs this innovation,” explains Walden.

It was clear almost immediately that the new shovel design had appeal beyond Walden’s backyard. But unlike most backyard inventors, Walden was uniquely positioned to develop his concept. An MBA student at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business Administration, Walden was one of the college’s first graduate students to participate in an entrepreneurship class called the Business Incubator Lab.

“I took this idea to the Incubator Lab, and I ended up winning the school competition for ‘new venture creation’…at that point I realized I had a viable product that would benefit people in many areas,” says Walden.

Next, Walden and his Bosse Tools team took his shovel idea to the 2013 LeanModel™ Competition—sponsored by the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University—where they won the “Pitch the Investor” competition and the “Tiger Tank” competition, earned second place in the “Show Stopper Awards,” and ultimately won the Overall LeanModel Competition Award. More successful competitions followed. Walden said that other competitions at Chapman University, University of North Dakota, and Harvard University taught him to “convince people that there is a real problem out there, and ergonomics is part of the solution. These competitions provide invaluable experience for any entrepreneur with a dream and the courage to share it.”

To read more about Bosse Tools, view the company’s Kickstarter campaign at

LMU Features Bosse Tools in Wall Street Journal Press Release

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Stephen Walden was digging in his parents' garden when the pain in his back ignited a spark of inspiration -- a design for a new ergonomic shovel. A graduate student at Loyola Marymount University's College of Business Administration, Walden has turned that idea into Bosse Tools, a start-up company with a future.

Walden was one of the first students to participate in CBA's Business Incubator Lab, an entrepreneurship class taught by Professor David Choi.

Walden and his team took their shovel idea to the 2013 LeanModel Competition last month at San Diego State University and buried the competition. They won the "Pitch the Investor" competition, the "Tiger Tank" competition (based on the "Shark Tank" television show) and the Overall LeanModel Competition Award.

Walden walked away with $12,000 in prize money to invest in Bosse Tools and an invitation to compete for more money at the International Business Model Competition at Harvard University from Friday, May 3 to Saturday, May 4.

But Bosse Tools is not the only Incubator Lab success story. Another team won the Maverick Angels Idea Pitch competition in Los Angeles earlier this year with Morning Miracle, a cure for hangovers. Revita Ink, won LMU's internal pitch competition with a new skin cream revitalizes the colors in tattoos and Piglt is a crowdfunding website where individuals can raise money to help pay educational expenses and student loans. The Piglt team has raised seed money and launched a beta website.

For more information on the Incubator Lab and the businesses it has launched, please contact Celeste Durant at 310.338.7708.

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